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Streamline screening, conceptual design, and pre-feed stages

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Vind AI is a user-friendly and secure online platform tailored for offshore wind project design. Easily accessible through a web browser, it offers robust tools for screening, conceptual design, and pre-feed stages. You can efficiently analyze and compare various scenarios and business cases, including park layout, turbines, electrical systems, foundations, and mooring setups.

Quickly compare park design and scenarios

Enhanced speed and flexibility to quickly evaluate various technical designs and assumptions for your wind farms. Set up different scenarios, duplicate and edit your existing designs and do swift sensitivity analyses. Compare across technical and financial results, to review the effect of your assumptions and implications of technical choices.

Cross-discipline optimization tools

Technical design tools equipped with verified optimization algorithms and manual controls, allowing you to precisely plan your parks turbine and electrical layouts, foundations, and financials. Vind AI users range from project managers, business case evaluators, and system engineers to GIS, yield, and electrical experts. All disciplines are seamlessly interconnected, enabling real-time collaboration on projects.

Instant analysis results as you go

Vind AI includes full wind time series, bathymetry and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver fast and reliable analysis results as you edit your park. Production results immediately include effects of internal wake, neighboring wind farms and electrical losses. You get full bottom-up CAPEX and LCoE estimates to quickly evaluate the business case feasibility.

Tailored business case assumptions

Build up a library of company or project specific configurations and technical components. Spec up your cost base and financial assumptions, choose production analyses settings, or add your own turbines. Vind AI keeps all customer data secure and confidential. Dive into the results in easily shareable dashboards, for example financial results.

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