The new way to design wind projects

Streamline screening, conceptual design, and pre-feed stages

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Vind AI is a user-friendly and secure online platform tailored for offshore wind project design. Easily accessible through a web browser, it offers robust tools for screening, conceptual design, and pre-feed stages. You can efficiently analyze and compare various scenarios and business cases, including park layout, turbines, electrical systems, foundations, and mooring setups.

Elevate the potential of your wind projects in one platform

Shorter time-to-value

We build intuitive and visual software. A new Vind AI user can unlock the power in just 30 minutes.

Efficiency Unleashed

Optimize project costs and shorten timelines. Up to 5x efficiency and cross-discipline collaboration.

Customise & Integrate

Shape & customize our product. Integrate it with yours or use it independently.

Environmental Impact

Nurture sustainability and communities through Vind AI’s visualizations and insights. See the future you shape.

The Ultimate Design Tool

Optimize yield

Quickly evaluate new areas and layouts in Vind AI. With tools for wind assessment, wind calibration, optimization controls for turbine layout and configurable wake loss calculations. You can save significant time with one-click comparisons of AEP and LCoE for your options.

Lower your electrical CAPEX

Benefit from our precise inter-array cable and substation optimization controls. Quickly compute inter-array power loss to get accurate production numbers. Iterate and compare your various electrical design options to efficiently minimize the electrical CAPEX contribution.

Instant foundation estimates

Improve your CAPEX estimates with instant site-specific foundations. In Vind AI you can design both bottom-fixed and floating foundations, together with the mooring system design. You will get estimates on dimensions, weights, and cost in seconds.

Find new areas of interest

In addition to a rich set of open data – Vind AI provides you with the tools to easily screen for and originate new areas. Use quick filters, define your constraints and utilize our Site Locator tool to automatically find optimal park areas within your area of interest.

Other Product Highlights

Seamless Collaboration

Global Data Access

Visual Communication

Compare Scenarios

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