AI Assisted
Recruiting Platform
Machine Learning & NLU powered recruiting platform
Automated Pre Qualification; Scoring; Chatbot Engagement
AI assistant to help you 24x7
AI assistant
Our AI assistant "" will sift through countless resumes, prescreen and engage with candidates with your pre defined qualification questions.
We follow a simple "VVV" (Validation + Verification + Vetting) process to elevate the right resume for your review.
Validation: "" will enhance the submitted resume by collecting relevant data from public and social profiles.
Verification: "" will create a "VindScore" and rank them by matching Job Vs Resume.
Vetting: "" will engage and pre qualify the candidate via ChatBot as soon as the resume hit your inbox.
AI assistant to help you 24x7
At our goal is fast track your application process and get more attention to your resume quickly.
Our AI assistant will analyze your resume, prescreen and accelerate your submission with more relevant information to the recruiter.
The more you interact with our system, the more we learn about you, meaning the more effective your profile will be for finding and qualifying for the right role.
The system works in real time, matching new positions to you as they are posted onto the system, ensuring we are working for you 24 hours a day to find that perfect job.


ATS Integration to your CRM system

Live continuous VindScore Validation

Vetting, Verification through ML, AI - the Funnel  

Prioritisation for Engaging the best candidates and best jobs

Analytics on your Hiring Funnel - best practice KPIs  

Chatbot to help with follow up questions and further VindScore-ing

Branded recruitment pages to optimize attracting applicants

Robust dynamic profiles of Jobseekers

Who we are

A dedicated team of recruiters, job board specialists and tech experts with vast experience of the recruitment industry. Leveraging that combined experience of running recruitment agencies, job boards and our own experiences of the interview process in modern recruitment, we completely understand the frustrations and problems that hiring the best people or finding the perfect job can bring.