About us

Experience the future of wind project planning and design with Vind AI: Revolutionizing wind project planning and design with real-time data access, advanced optimization, and seamless collaboration. Streamline development, reduce risk, and drive a greener future.

Team Members

An experienced team working together, crafting exceptional experiences, and growing stronger.

Helene M. Bøhler

Co-founder, CEO

Hilde Kristin Njøten

Co-founder, COO

Jan-Tore Horn

Co-founder, CTO

Pauline Øien

Head of Commercial

Martin H. Thoresen

Senior Algorithm Engineer

John M. Hegseth

Senior Algorithm Engineer

Simon Andersson

Senior Software Engineer

Ingvild Lyckander

Senior Software Engineer

Trym Nilsen

Senior Software Engineer

Kristian Aurlien

Senior Software Engineer

Johan Gustafsson

Senior Software Engineer

Ragnhild S. Husby

Product Designer

Julie Louise Johnsen

Product Designer

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