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Eager to test Vind AI in your offshore wind projects?

To increase insight in how Vind AI can enhance your company’s offshore wind farm development and design, we offer participation in our Expert Panel – A three months trial period free of charge, with unlimited users and projects.

Who uses Vind AI?
The Vind AI platform offers seamless collaboration between various user groups involved in a wind farm project. Whether you are a project manager, yield specialist, GIS expert, electrical engineer, foundation engineer, business developer or cost specialist, you can use Vind AI to enhance your project’s efficiency and outcomes.

How does the expert panel work?
Our philosophy is to actively involve the wind industry in the continuous development of Vind AI. Expert Panel participants receive full access to the Vind AI platform free of charge for three months. During this period, we will have bi-weekly meetings where you provide valuable feedback, which aligns your needs with further platform development. At the end of the trial period, we will have a review meeting where we evaluate the panel participation and discuss way forward.

Eager to try the Vind AI platform?

Join our Expert Panel

Embark on a three months free trial as part of our exclusive Expert Panel. Test our platform, share feedback, and shape the future of Vind AI.