Why Deep Wind Offshore sees Vind AI as groundbreaking to the market

Deep Wind Offshore is an international developer and owner of offshore wind projects, with strong backing from industrial and financial owners in Knutsen Group, Haugaland Kraft, Sunnhordland Kraftlag, and Octopus Energy.

Having embarked on a pioneering collaboration with Vind AI in the autumn of 2022, as one of the first offshore wind developers, Deep Wind Offshore swiftly became an integral part of Vind’s Expert Panel. Today they hold a license for Vind AI. Since the very beginning, their active involvement has significantly enriched the platform, with regular meetings and feedback sessions fostering a longstanding partnership.

“Vind AI brings something truly groundbreaking to the market. By embracing new technology, we in Deep Wind Offshore can assume a leadership role and have an even greater global impact.”

Petter Sveindal, Engineering Manager in Deep Wind Offshore

Jan-Tore Horn, PhD in offshore wind and co-founder of Vind AI, expresses gratitude for the fruitful discussions with Deep Wind Offshore. “We truly value the great discussions related to foundation design and wind data uncertainties. Design considerations such as these add many uncertainties to a feasibility study and we are excited to see that we can find a way to efficiently investigate and compare multiple scenarios”, he adds.

Deep Wind Offshore aspires to showcase and elevate technology providers offering cutting-edge solutions to the market, fostering progress and innovation within the industry.

Vind AI makes it effortless to seamlessly navigate both technical intricacies of a project and the focus on financial highlights. The interface provides me with the necessary information promptly, allowing me to efficiently balance my involvement.

Petter Sveindal, Engineering Manager in Deep Wind Offshore

Key benefits for Deep Wind Offshore

Deep Wind Offshore has found immense value in using Vind AI, highlighting several key benefits:

  • Managing project data: Consolidating all data into a unified platform holds immense value. From comprehensive GIS studies to intricate cable layouts, having this wealth of information centralized in a single repository streamlines accessibility and enhances collaboration. It not only fosters efficiency but also ensures that a holistic view of the project is readily available, facilitating informed decision-making and coordinated efforts across various aspects of the undertaking. 
  • Screening new potential sites around the world: By consolidating all internal data in one centralized location and simultaneously accessing updated global data layers, Deep Wind Offshore has gained an exceptionally efficient means of exploring new possibilities worldwide. Instant access to production, cabling, foundation, and mooring statistics allows them to swiftly formulate business cases and compare various alternatives.
  • Following projects as they go: With Vind AI it is easy to track projects. At any given moment, different stakeholders in Deep Wind Offshore can seamlessly follow the project timeline, accessing various dashboards and overviews. This feature simplifies the process of monitoring the ongoing work and understanding the decisions made throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Investigating the effect of different scenarios: Deep Wind Offshore also appreciates the efficiency with which they can investigate the influence of various wind data sources on energy production and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) using the scenario and comparison tools provided by Vind AI.