How Source Galileo uses Vind AI to accelerate their way into floating offshore Wind

Source Galileo was established with the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy by spearheading large-scale renewable projects. With an impressive track record of over 15 GW of renewable energy installations worldwide, including 5 GW in offshore wind across UK and Irish waters, Source Galileo stands as a prominent player in the renewable energy sector. Presently, the company is cultivating a diverse portfolio of renewable energy and storage projects in Ireland, Norway, and the UK, with a combined development potential exceeding 5 GW.

A collaborative partnership

In a significant stride towards advancing their projects, Source Galileo joined forces with Vind AI in fall 2022, integrating seamlessly into Vind’s Expert Panel. This collaboration sees Source Galileo actively shaping the evolution of the Vind AI platform through regular engagement in feedback sessions and strategic discussions.

Equipped with a Vind AI license, Source Galileo has harnessed the platform’s capabilities to drive innovation in their projects. One such endeavor is the GoliatVIND project, nestled in the North Sea off the coast of Hammerfest, Norway. GoliatVIND, a demonstrator project situated approximately 90 km offshore adjacent to the Goliat FPSO, marks a pioneering effort in floating offshore wind technology.


GoliatVIND will consist of 5 floating offshore wind turbines, boasting a combined installed capacity of 75 MW. Notably, the project capitalizes on existing subsea infrastructure, leveraging the cable to Goliat FPSO to minimize onshore power export and facilitate efficient energy transmission. Shareholders of the project include Odfjell Oceanwind and Kansai Electric Power.

The project has garnered significant support and attention, evident from its successful public consultation phase and recent allocation of 2 BNOK in funding from Enova. This funding aims to drive down costs for future offshore wind farms, with GoliatVIND serving as a pivotal learning curve for supply chain optimization and developer insights. Commercial operations are slated to commence in 2028.

Harnessing Vind AI for project optimization

Source Galileo has strategically utilized Vind AI across various facets of the GoliatVIND project lifecycle. Stakeholder management, preliminary layout work, and energy production assessments have been enriched by Vind AI’s impact assessment tools and analytical power, enabling Source Galileo to make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes.

“Data and tools are the vital catalysts driving offshore floating wind projects into motion. With the use of Vind AI, we’ve accelerated our entry into floating offshore wind in Norway before 2030. Our partnership with Vind AI yields mutual benefits, notably evidenced by the swift implementation of new feature requests, enhancing the platform’s capabilities to our satisfaction. Embracing the tradition of data-sharing and collaborative culture inherited from the oil and gas industry in the North Sea, we have fortified the Norwegian offshore wind sector with resilience and expertise.”

Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge

Through their partnership with Vind AI, the GoliatVIND project epitomizes the spirit of innovation and collaboration driving the renewable energy sector forward. Source Galileo continues to redefine the boundaries of offshore wind development, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, performance, and sustainability. As the project marches towards commercialization, GoliatVIND stands as a beacon of progress, illuminating the path towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Impact for Source Galileo

  • Enhanced project efficiency: Source Galileo’s partnership with Vind AI has significantly enhanced project efficiency, particularly exemplified by the GoliatVIND project. By leveraging Vind AI’s analytical capabilities for stakeholder management, preliminary layout work, and energy production assessments, Source Galileo has been able to make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes. This utilization of Vind AI has accelerated their entry into floating offshore wind in Norway, by significantly reducing time per layout iteration, demonstrating a tangible impact on project development timelines and efficiency.
  • Increased industry resilience and expertise: With Vind AI, Source Galileo has reinforced the Norwegian offshore wind sector with resilience and expertise. By embracing data-sharing and collaboration, Source Galileo has collaborated with external consultants and stakeholders within Vind AI, and contributed valuable knowledge to upcoming offshore wind developments in Norway. The GoliatVIND project serves as a pivotal learning curve for supply chain optimization and developer insights, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, performance, and sustainability in the renewable energy sector.