How Kontiki Winds halves project time with Vind AI

Kontiki Winds is an early-phase developer focused on expanding the global offshore wind market. The team brings together expertise in engineering, project management and renewable energy to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to the offshore wind industry.

Kontiki Winds initiated collaboration with Vind AI in the autumn of 2022, joining Vind’s Expert Panel, and actively contributing to the platform’s enhancement through regular meetings and feedback sessions. Today, Kontiki Winds holds a license for Vind AI and actively employs it for early site assessments in both established and emerging markets. The primary objective is to assess technical feasibility and environmental considerations in the initial project phases.

Key benefits for Kontiki Winds

  • Standardized Workflow: Kontiki Winds has used Vind AI for early site identification and found it to be an effective step in standardizing workflows. The platform not only allows a consistent approach to site selection but also easily facilitates review and approval gates as part of quality assurance. This makes for a more effective and streamlined approach. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Kontiki Winds appreciate the ability to run multiple iterations simultaneously and perform various scenarios in-house. This results in significant time and cost savings, as they no longer need to rely on external assistance for minor adjustments, reserving expert consultations for more substantial decisions.

For example, on one project we saved half the time and 30% of the costs. The reduced interfacing means you can action effectively.

Chris Clement-Jones, Development Manager in Kontiki Winds
  • Data Ownership and Insights: Vind AI empowers them to retain all information in-house, including data and insights gleaned from public sources and site investigations. This enables improved management of identified risks already in the early phase.
  • Streamlined Communication: With Vind AI, Kontiki Winds can efficiently disseminate information on outcomes and analyses to both internal and external stakeholders. The insights gathered during early site work serve as a foundation for engaging with regulatory authorities. Using Vind AI, Kontiki Winds can swiftly share links and visualizations, providing a clear picture of how the project will impact the shoreline and the environmental considerations taken into account. Overall, it facilitates keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process.