Vind AI APIs 

This document provides an overview of the Vind AI API. Trough these APIs you’ll be able to read and write project specific resources.

API Access and Authentication

Users with granted access can create client credentials with a scope in the Vind app. Following credential creation, users can exchange these credentials for a valid access token. This token is then used for authenticating requests to the Vind AI APIs.

RESTful Design

The APIs adhere to REST architectural principles, aiming for simplicity and standardisation. This approach facilitates easier integration into diverse development environments and supports various programming languages and platforms.

GETRead data from a resource
POSTCreate or update a resource, or perform another action
DELETERemove a resource

Here are a few examples ment to showcase different use cases.
Fetch all project features by performing a GET to an url{version}/projects/{projectId}/features

Delete a specific feature by doing a DELETE like this{version}/projects/{projectId}/features/{featureId}

Post a shared organisation resource by doing a POST to{version}/organisation/{organisationId}/turbines

API Versioning

We employ a versioning system for the APIs. Each API request includes a version prefix. This system allows for ongoing improvements while maintaining a stable interface for existing integrations.{version}/...

Documentation and Support

More detailed documentation is provided once API access is granted. This documentation includes technical guidelines, usage examples, and best practices; offering necessary information for effective API utilisation.

Security Standards

Security is a key priority in the Vind AI API design. We ensure that all interactions through the APIs meet high standards of data security and comply with relevant data protection regulations.